Willems helps to preserve tribal languages #WhoIsagile #WIa52

#Interview with Willem Larsen for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa052)

We talked about
– Commodification of attention
– Leader of agile teams
– Learning a language can be fun
– Language hunter game
– Social learning
– Collaborative learning
– Ensemble/teaming/mobbing =) team learning
– The mob programming roleplaying game (URL in shownotes on youtube)
– How different the skills of social learning are from technical skills
– Working as a search and rescue volunteer
– Balancing out himself
– Looking at local native tribes
– #Languages that struggle to be past on to the next generation of speakers
– Having Danish speaking grandparents
– In globalising culture, we tend to think that we should all do the same and that is where succes is, where it’s actually the tension between how we sync up with each other and diversify, that is where all the creativity lies and where all the knowledge is locked up.

– Multilangualizems is where the real power is.
– It’s easy to think about if you give it a name.
– There is not one right way to use a word
– Dictionary are describing, not prescribing.
– Our culture is what we create and recreate every day.
– It’s easy yet takes work to let people take over his role.
– Allowing him to step away.
– Punching up
– #Leaders#parents anyone holding space for .. have the single worst space for information
– If you want to know what happens in the wood, ask the mouse.
– Our job as leader is to bubble up the frustrations.
– Unless it’s useful to show it hurts, I don’t make it about me.
– How much can joy accomplice
– Pomodoro’s
– 1 minute retrospectives
– The most stable video and audio connection
– How many eye jumps do we make.
– Infants have a higher rate of eye jumps…
– Open spaces: expect to be surprised
– Children don’t get the time to be bored anymore.
– When in doubt about a track, come up with 50 questions about the track?
– Leave your phone
– Commodification of attention
– The device serves us.
– What is missing from agile leadership

– The Five Rules of Accelerated Learning
– Time and beauty (Adrian Bejan)

– #Thermodynamics of #emotions symposium

April Jefferson “Soul Craftswoman”