Tricia Brodrick created her own support group #WhoIsagile #WIa049

#Interview with Tricia Broderick – Leadership Advisor for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa049)

We talked about:
– The impact of growing up poor
– What Tricia values as succes
– Creating her own support group
– Paying forward what people did for her
– Loosing a child
– Being more courageous
– Complex emotional trauma
– Making a difference
– Comparing #Extravert & #impostersyndrome
– Happy about not swearing
– Having a thick skin does not mean feedback does not hurt
– We are all in the same storm, yet we are not in the same boat
– Whatever we do as parents, our children will be screwed up….
– Letting our children suffer a bit…
– How the driving license of our children brings us freedom for the whole family
– Creating the right environment so people can grow
– Creating your own support group
– In a group of +10 she sounds amazing at agile #karaoke
– Her ability to #negotiate for herself.
– #Money always comes around
– Asking the average fee for a conference.
– People seeing her value before she did…
– Paying forward what people did for her.
– Having an identity as a speaker
– Cowriting a book remote using zoom…
– Being connected with people she worked years ago
– Avoiding multitasking …
– Hugging over zoom
– Checking in remote
– Someone needed to hear it from Tricia

– Who is agile the book edition
Think Again: Adam Grant
The art and science of facilitation (Marsha Acker)

People we mentioned:
– Agile Alliance
– David Hussman
– Gil Broza
– Bob Hartman
– Richard Lawrence
– Doc List
– Diana Larsen
– Gitte Klitgaard
– Bob Payne
– Esther Derby
– Portia Tung
– Jean Tabaka
– Kent McDonald
– Agile In Color
– Chris Matts
– Liz Keogh
– Boaz

Tricia invites
– ✊🏾 Christopher ‘Cp’ Richardson
– Beth Andres-Beck

Not on camera but invited also
– Karim Harbott
– Tobey Aumann
– Melissa Perri
– Anu Smalley
– Chris Li
– Richard Lawrence
– Adam Weisbart
– Nigel Baker