James (Shore) is a better facilitator because of his role playing experience… #WhoIsagile #WIa48

#Interview with James Shore for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa048)

We talked about:
– Playing Dungeons & dragons (gamemaster/referee giving everyone their moment to shine)
– #AgileFluency game
– Parody of agile: Bloody stupid Johnson…
– experimenting learning
– learning by doing
– the art of agile #development BootCamp
– its not the size of the iteration that matters (for learning)
– the only way to learn it, is by doing it
– iterative way of #writing a book
– not being a perfectionist
– using #github for books
– being stubborn
– things done well
– What does done well mean:
business #success, technical success, a place where people thrive
– #courage: being willing to put yourself out and learn from it
– valuable increments
– different types of value
– throwing #money does not convince James to do something
– The law of strawberry jam
– there never is just one cause
– it’s gratifying to do something that sticks
– #scaling influence
– Change your organisation diary
– if you are called a #resource ….
– Working #fixedPrice for changes
– the role of #middlemanagement is to maintain status quo
– Clients afraid of getting a mirror
– everyone wants to hire to change other people and many are surprised when they have to change as well…
– use a shared #whiteboard to share ideas
– when you are #remote, you need to be very intentional
– three screen model
– #collectiveownership of the work
– What do we do with the large organisations that have a lot of teams….
– FAST:Fluid Scaling Technology (check out youtube for the link)

– Who is agile the book edition
– The art of agile development (the v1 & V2)
– A collection of unmitigated pedantry blog (see youtube for the link)
– Software by numbers (Mark Denne & Jane Cleland-Huang
– Secrets of consultancy (Jerry Weinberg)
– More secrets of consultancy (Jerry Weinberg)
– #Fearless Change (Mary Lynn Manns & Linda Rising)
– More fearless change (Mary Lynn Manns & Linda Rising)
– 7 rules for positive productive change (Esther Derby)
– lean software development (Mary & Tom Poppendieck)

People we mentioned
– Gitte Klitgaard
– Diana Larsen – Leadership Agility Advisor Larsen
– Kent Beck
– Arlo Belshee
– Erik Talboom
– Elisabeth Hendrickson
– Jerry Weinberg
– Alistair Cockburn
– Martin Fowler
– Mary Lynn Manns
– Linda Rising
– Esther Derby
– Mary & Tom Poppendieck

James invites
– Gitte Klitgaard (already intervieuwed)
– Arlo Belshee