Jessica (#Jessitron) Kerr learned enough about any topic to start a conversation #WhoIsagile #WIa47

#Interview with Jessica Kerr for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa047)

We talked about:
– Doing #theater at early age
– Learn enough about any topic to start a conversation.
– Looking up and be silent makes you look smart
– Teeanagers doing laundry
– Software has changed so much
– Starting from scratch and the #complexity it adds
– Customers loving some of the weirdness of a program
– Floppy disc as a save icons
– Automatic saving and versioning of text documents
– What software makes sense without internet connection
– Zooming in and out
– #pairprogramming and #ensemble programming
– mixing different biasses to come as close as possible to objectivity
– the weakness of a #fullstack developers
– dept in different area’s
– the advantage of creating of crappy #HTML page and garbage #CSS
– The meaning of life
– How users use our software….
– The more you as a parent try to control children, the less the children learn to make decisions…
– How can we use AI…
– Everything new is broken
– Efficiency trap…
– The system is always broken…
– The system is working despite of it’s rules…
– Marketing vs development…
– Most big events are bad events (in the news)
– We don’t talk about the marathons where no bombing happens
– Use the big bad thing to look for the good things we depends upon…
– Software makes things look easier then its really is
– A right abstractions can make stuff look easier….
– Uses of a landline…
– What we feel like doing and what makes us happy is so different.
– It’s not about me
– Sorting socking
– If you want to get promoted, turn on your camera.
– Turn off your self view
– How twitter teached us to write better…
– Learn where we are wrong

– Who is agile the book edition
– Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity (Dr Mike C Jackson OBE)

People we talked about
Richard Cambell
Cat Swetel

Jessica invites
– Beth Andres-Beck
– GeePaw Hill
– Chelsea Troy