Taking the smallest increment to move forward, the learning kata that Oz used to improve his life…

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We talked about:
– Moving countries
– Setting up a datacenter in South-Africa
– Learning to run ate age 34
– What is the smallest increment I can take to move forward?
– Learning by doing, the #kata way of learning
– Battering to deal with hyper #inflation
– English being the default language at school
– Maturity to challenging ones own ego
– Bugs in medical devices are more dangerous than bugs in financial systems.
– Celebrating life as a result of loosing an important person in your life.
– Achieving things with a team
– Computers always win (even from airplanes)
– From not #running to running a marathon and beyond…
– Learning to run ate age 34
– #Learning by doing, the kata way of learning
– For #Remote work, you need a personal responsibility
– The mental space during covid lockdown
– A school judges you as being wrong or right…
Who is agile the book edition 

Non Violent Communication
The Culture Code
How emotions are made (Lisa Feldman Barrett)

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