The difference of being introverting vs being shy David & Glaudia #WhoIsagile #WIa45

Glaudia & David where invited by Kenji Hiranabe

We talked about:

– The difference of being introverting vs being #shy
– Not being good at on the spot thinking
– Working with your partner
– The power of the junior
– Outgoing introverts
– Introvertions and picking up the phone
– E-mail give introverts the time to respond when they are ready
– Not jumping to invitations
– Living in a shopping centre
– Working with non-native speakers
– Misunderstandings across #cultures
– Diverging and converging gives space for #introverts
– The people side being the big challenge
– Having #passion and having a large drive, is not same as wanting a promotion
– Believing in a project
– You have no, you can get a yes (een nee heb je, een ja kan je krijgen)
– Balancing each other out.
– Sleeping over ones own idea, gives time to realise the idea is rubbish
– Some ideas don’t survive 24 hours.
– Being perfectionist
– Not being the same person as 10 years ago
– Admitting #mistakes
– #Connecting remotely
– music of the 80’s

– Who is agile the book edition
– Quiet (Susan Cain)
– Range (David Epstein)
– 96 Visualisation Examples (Jimmy Janlén ) (and it’s translations)
– Kanban Maturity model ( David Anderson & Teodora Bozheva


We mentioned:
– Henrik Kniberg
– Jimmy Janlén
– Nono Donsa
– Kenji

Glaudia invites: Avi Schneier
David invites John Coleman