Bevan Williams on achieving his goal of speaking at conferences #WhoIsagile #WIa044

#Interview with Bevan Williams for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa044)

Bevan was invited by Khwezi Mputa

We talked about:
-Living as a non obvious person of color
– Being asked not to use his brain
– Bevan, you read too much…
– Going to Agile Alliance in Orlando in 2017
– how that inspired him to become a conference speaker
– Scrum Alliance gathering
– ALE20xx conferences
– work-life balance vs work-life integration
– Calendar Tetris
– What is the best place to start agile?

– Who is agile the book edition
– Turn the ship around (L. David Marquet)
– How emotions are made (Lisa Feldman Barrett)
– The seven 1/2 lessons about the brain. (Lisa Feldman Barrett)
Against empathy (Paul Bloom)
Who is agile in South Africa

We mentioned:
Pascal Van Cauwenberghe (creating a workshop from a book)
Nina Sterckx (Going to the olympics)
Kent Beck (Paint Dripping)
Per Beining Agile Coach
Joshua Kerievsky 🇺🇦 Kerievsky (Being at the start of agile)
Alistair Cockburn (Competition vs collaboration)
Aslam Khan
Lyssa Adkins

Bevan invited
Suwilo C.
Malene Marie Bendixen Jacobsen

Bevan William