Nono discusses body’s language differences between school and home… #WhoIsagile #WIa043

#Interview with Nono Donsa for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa043)

Nono was invited by Khwezi Mputa

We talked about
jim mccarthy: when you tolerate it, you insist on it.
Maximum size of a whatsapp group is 1024
Kenji Hiranabe
Nona is replaceable at work, but not at home.
Different #bodylanguage at school and at home

Books we discussed:
Betting on a darkie (Mteto Nyati)
Adapting agile across borders (Glaudia CalifanoDavid Spinks)

New African Voice- powered by Agile Equity SA
Agile In Color

Nono invites Joanna Płaskonka, Ph.D.