Patrick Debois talks about changing the quality of life of others

#Interview with Patrick Debois for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa042)

We talked about

– Listening to our bodies to avoid burning out
– How he accidentally invented #devops
– changing the #quality of life of others
– Examples about learning
– Historical knowledge
– Bringing context for square zero
– The balance between learning more vs too much
– Earning his grey hair
– Dive deep for a few years
– Being parents of teenagers
– Glad,mad,sad, afraid at school and work
– McCarthy Bootcamp from jim mccarthy & Michele McCarthy
– About how being more #senior both helps you and slows you down.
– Castles as a safe place

Books we talked about
-Reinventing organisations (Laloux)
– Leren Veranderen

We mentioned
Stijn Decneut
Tom Klaasen
Steven Noels
Kris Buytaert

Patrick Invites
Chris Lucian and Austin Chadwick from the The Mob Mentality Show