Aslam Khan is an accidental rolemodel #WIa040 #WhoIsagile

Who is #agile 040 with Aslam Khan

We had a great conversation about:

– We were talking about what he learned from the dramatic birth of his children
– How we are unprepared for being a parent, and how he that integrated it in his life.
– Growing up South Africa during apartheid.
– The code of conduct of the maffia.
– Being a functional professional procastinator.
– How missing a goal by a mile is better then not aiming at all..
– Influence by the work ethic of his father
– Being an accidentally role model.
– The code of conduct of the maffia.
– Ready fire aim…
– Our goal is to be the safest person in the group.

Books we talked about:
The analogue brain (Anna Tebelius Bodin)
The end of ignorance (Dr. John Mighton)

Aslam invites :
– Nyari Samushonga
– Susanne Kaiser
– Emily Webber