Integrity is the core of everything what Esther Derby does #WhoIsagile #Wia039

Who is #agile 039 with Esther Derby

We had a great conversation about:

What she learned from art history that helped her being a better programmer
How she experimented with working in a book store
The impact that #COVID had on her life and work
The importance of integrity for Esther.
Silver anniversary for being independent
In general older people are much happier than what we assume as a society.
No longer being in the early adopter phase of agile.

– It’s measure the stuff that is easy to measure, instead of the stuff that is important.
– The managers who fall for that, are not so good at managing #knowledge workers
– Not everything that can be counted, counts.
– What is the next thing we can do to make companies more #humane.

Books we talked about:
This chair rocks

Esther invited
Cat Swetel
Jessica Kerr
Beth Andres-Beck
Faith Thomas

Esther send me extra names:
Ash Coleman
Matthew Carlson
Jariatu Mansaray