Learning and problem solving are crucial in the careers of Mina & Gustav (WIa 036)

Interview with Mina & Gustav for the video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa036)

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We had a great conversation about:

  • how the #agile manifesto was involved in their marriage
  • How learning & problem solving is crucial in their Carreers.
  • The advantage of a strategy for life
  • How we inspire each other by involving our children in our work-life
  • Working in Belgium
  • What they learned from seeing role model solve problems.
  • How repairing stuff gives Gustav satisfaction.
  • How problem solving is at the core of everything Gustave does.
  • How working in IT is working with people.
  • Making the link between diplomacy and consultancy…
  • Mina’s second part of her life
  • Refactoring clothes using engineering skills
  • Mina is always two steps ahead…
  • The importance of developing full hobbies
  • Loosing interest after understand a problem.
  • Specialist vs generalist.
  • How the world undervalues generalist.
  • Intersectional domains
  • Using engineering skills to learn about creating a successful business.
  • Doing presentations with children.
  • Doing #remote work as an #extravert.
  • How talking to other people gives Gustav energy and that allow him to do more work.
  • There is always more to learn.
  • Using airplanes or ballons as metaphor for a career.
  • Inclusive parentship (inspired by inclusive leadership from the agile world)
  • Worklife inclusion/fusion vs worklife balance
  • Finding out what we want..
  • If you don’t know what you want, try and experiment
  • When you are not happy and making a change usually makes the situation better
  • Companies are not as rational as people think.
  • #Strategy is not a one of thing.
  • The thinking makes things easier.
  • We (the agile/IT world) forgot the lessons learned about execution of development by focussing on new technologies.
  • Virtual whiteboard in remote work, can be almost as good as
  • We take screen sharing for granted these days
  • Inspiration is for amateurs
  • Talking about Business strategies in the agile communities.
  • Why are there almost no software #architects in the agile conferences
  • XpdaysBenelux

    We mentioned

    – Ghica van Emde Boas
    – Henrik Kniberg
    – Jaana Nyfjord
    – Chris Matts
    – Kent Beck
    – Johanna Rothman
    – Agile business conference with Evan Leybourn
    – Gojko Adzic
    – Geike Hanoulle
    – Joppe Hanoulle

Mina & Gustav invited