Download your thoughts on post it’s, to make room in your brain for new ideas #Wia32 Agustin Villena

Who is #agile 032 with Agustín Villena

We had a great conversation about:

– the start of the agile movement back in 1990’ties..
– teamwork in scouting and teamwork in the kitchen.
– using normal language in our work
– visualizing our work to help us empty our head

Books (links on youtube):
La revolución reflexiva (Humberto Maturana)

Here is the elusive word that coined Humberto Maturana to describe living beings : autopoiesis

We (briefly) talked about
– Alistair Cockburn
– Jeff Patton
– Jerry Weinberg

Agustin invites Luis Antonio Salazar Caraballo