Deliberate practice as a way to counter the limitations in Janet Gregory head (Who is agile 31)

We had a great conversation about:

– Community translating of books. (This conversation started the community translation from agile #testing condensed in Dutch that is happing right now )
– Multilingual teams and their challenges
– Deliberate practice
– Zen & the beginner’s mindset
– asking for help
– living in Singapore & Indonesia
– Slowing down
– Letting our brains take a rest.
the FlipPix game

Books (links on youtube):
* BDD Formulation
* BDD Discovery

We (briefly) talked about
– Mary & Tom poppendieck
– Carol Vaage
– Lisa Crispin
– Jean Tabaka & David Hussman
Joke Vandemaele
– Tanya Janca
Seb Rose & Gáspár Nagy
– Joshua Kerievsky 🇺🇦
– Selena Delesie

Doing presentations with children Joppe Hanoulle & Geike Hanoulle

Janet invites Claudia Badell