Asking questions is a good way of teaching: #WIa #023 Clare Sudbery

Clare & me, we talked about:

– The patterns people fall in
– The educational system in the UK
– Doing math
– Having two degrees
– Having a prejudice in her brain for one of her degrees
– Asking questions as a good way of teaching and the pitfall of coming across as patronizing while doing so
– Status quo and how to change that
– people with #autism
– how the pandemic has influenced her look
– how she can celebrate her difference and worry about it at the same time
– her making tech better #podcast

She talked about these books:
Sky burial
Strength Finder

I talked about
– #Arduino with Geike
Anguis (the board game I create with my son)

(Links can be found on youtube, if I add them here, the video does not link)

We mentioned
Rachel Davies
Daniel Terhorst-North
Sallyann Freudenberg

Clare invites
Emily Bache
Ted M. Young