Culture change can happen overnight: Sharon Robson Who is agile 017

In episode 017 of Who is agile, I talk with Sharon Robson
We talked about:

– Talking about the award she won last year for outstanding leadership
– Being true to herself before you can be true to other clients
– Authenticity is quite separate from expectations
– agility is about that continuing learning journey
– Who is entitled to have a seat at the table
– She wants you to tell her what you are assuming
– People who are introverted need to time to think
– Stay low-fi until you need to go high-fi
– agility in its essence is the deliberate practice of a craft
– collaboration is a key aspect of any value we deliver in an organisation
-We have to deliberately practise collaboration
– How cultural change can happen overnight

Sharon is inviting:
– Rebecca Harris
– Will McNelis