The most invasive thing we can do is ask a question… Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning (Who Is agile EP 014)

We talked about his experience from living in difference countries, how speaking multiple languages helps him understanding different cultures, especially for him when coaching agile culture.
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The dream jobs for our parents. (And again something to read your experiences)

Some quote’s:

  • It is quite meditative
  • The thing we use when we want to go fast
  • We should train our ears
  • The most invasive thing we can do is ask a question
  • Agile helps starters to finish stuff
  • The elastic band effect
  • Get that right, you solve everything else
  • Kwasi speaks like a 15-year-old when he talks with his friends in Italy
  • At 15 year old I had to integrate into Italy and I want to belong all while learning a new language
  • We have the divergence between at home (were we spoke our traditional language and at school (were we had to speak English)


Kwasi was invited by Femi Odelusi

He is inviting:
– Mark Summers
– Scott Shute