It’s hard to explain how salt tastes: Who is agile 012 with Jason Yip

In episode 012 of Who is agile I have a chat with Jason Yip
I love this conversation, Jason really made me think and our conversation has already changed how I talk as an agile coach.

– We discussing talking about using salt with someone who has never tasted it and how this is similar to talking about agile.
(Reminds me also of the episode with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and one of the books she discussed.)
– Creating better a much more productive learning environment
– What professions save more life
– Setting up systems that are more systemically safe and how that influences how we work
– How to coordinate at a large scale.

Jason invites:

  • John Cutler
  • Jeff Patton
  • Patrick Kua
  • Dragan Stepanović