Coaching EXPERIENCE is not something to rush on: Femi Odelusi

Talking about:
– Welcome in whatever time zone you are
– Coaching experience is not something that we rush in a month or so
– His biggest challenge is always time
– Time moves on if we don’t proactively take steps
– He is the seventh black Scrum Alliance team coach
– Complacency has not much place in Femi’s vocabulary
– Every organisation Femi worked for, he learned something new
– you have to be a self starter
– He (we) is always asking questions
– Trust is something that your recognized when you see it…
– He has not looked back ever since
– Femi will not stop when challenges confronts him
– he will never wait for opportunities to come his way
– For Femi, the need to achieve, he strives best in an environment that has standards Ethics, value, standards
– He did not understand this untill 5 years ago (listen to the interview to know what “this” is)
– 15 years ago Femi would never had assume he would be where he is today
– Coaches believe that individuals have the answers themselves
– When you know where you are going, the job is not just to get there
– With every step Femi takes, he pauzes, reflecting about the step
– Does he want to keep going?
– Coaching teams is different from coaching leadership in an organisation
– He (we all) got knowledge gaps
– What is coaching?
– How do we measure our succes as a coach
– His achievement are not accidental
– agile is simple
– Keep things simple
– approach things with a mindset that things are simple, helps
– There is not only one way (to do agile)
– We have to trust people that they will get the work done
– People are adaptable and resilient, especially when we are not prepared

– He finishes with a great tip to connect on linkedin.

The books he talked about:

We also talk about Shane Hastie & the Agile Alliance: ethics initiative

Femi invites: 
Kemmy Raji, Aanu Gopald,Cherie Silas, Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning