Every week Faiza Yousuf does a personal retrospective: Who Is agile Episode 009

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We talked about:

– How (and why) Faiza does a weekly personal retrospective every week
– How her priorities define what she works on
– How technology has changed her life a lot (in a positive sense)
– How bad news is everywhere, and how she organize herself to keep her sanity (and we all should do the same, at least if you care about your sanity)
– How her dyslexia forced her to learn things in different ways
– How computers made her dyslexic life easier
– How productivity apps are helping her
– The busier that she gets the more experimental things in work that she wants to do
– If someone comes up to her with an exciting project, she will find time for it
– Her perception of time has changed…
– In her country (Pakistan) people will prioritize theirs sons’ education over their daughter’s education, and how her parents ignored that.
– She blocks the time for the important things in her agenda
– About avoiding doing things, just out of habit

Faiza was invited by Gitte Klitgaard
Faiza invited: Arslan Ali & Shamim Rajani