Who is agile: Rashina Hoda

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  • Authors doing most of the work, so that the readers should not do it…
  • I need to be better today than I was yesterday.
  • I should listen more to the advice I give to others
  • Don’t forget to tune your days: bring yourself back into balance

Book: The holy Qur’an

Personal agility

  • Take things a day at a time
  • Break bigger problems into smaller parts
  • In the covid-19 pandemic, we can’t plan far ahead in time
  • Weeks and days instead of months and semesters

Remote working

  • Parents are on demand all time.

What is the question you wanted to ask:

  • Yves, what drives you to move the who is agile book to a video edition?
  • What about the book you are writing?

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