Who is agile: what question should I ask?

My favorite question in Who is agile is “what question did I not ask, that you want to answer. On this blogpost I will collect all these questions.

EP 001 Deepti: What is my worldview?
EP 002 Rebecca: What is next for the agile community?
EP 003 A Rashina Hoda: Why did you (@YvesHanoulle) do this project?
EP 003 B Rashina Hoda: Please say more about the book you are writing
EP 004 Zuzi Sochova: What brings you to agile
EP 005 Elisabeth Hendrickson: What is something we don’t talk enough about in the context of software development
EP 006 Marcin Floryan: What is the future of work? or our organisations?
EP 007 Gitte Klitgaard: What is the worst thing about working with you
EP 008 Shane Hastie: What is happening with ethics in agile coaching?
EP 009 Faiza Yousuf: What are you doing with gender diversity in Pakistan?
EP 010 Femi Odelusi: What is agility for you
EP 011 Lyssa Adkins: What is the future I see for agilists
EP 012 Jason Yip: What do I mean when I say agile
EP 013 Elena Vassilieva: What do I want to achieve in the year of the tiger
EP 014 Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning: What is the world calling out for me to do