Who is agile: Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Rebecca her blog.
Free copy of her book Object Design

Books we talked about:
How to TASTE
Sorting things out
Biological Autonomy
How buildings learn

Steve McConnell Keynote XP 2021 

Personal agility Tip:

  • Slik design might be kept because it looks good, not because it is good
  • Always have something to write on
  • Taking pictures instead of writing notes (about cooking)
  • Collective writing
  • There is nothing like writing notes with a penil in a book
  • There are multiple definitions of “we don’t know”


  • We need to talk about design aromas, instead of just design smells.
  • There are multiple definitions of “we don’t know”
  • So many things work, stuff works pretty well.
    It also constantly not working in little places. It can be repeated and keep working.

Remote working tip:
Thanks to remote working, we can collaborate with people across different timezone.
By the next time you meet, the code/artefact has evolved one or two days.
Remote collaboration is a reality now.

The question that Rebecca wanted to answer:
what is next for the agile community