Third recording for who is agile, video edition

This week I did my third attempt at recording an interview for who is agile.

Just like last time, I used StreamYard to record the video with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.
The difference between now and last time, was that I did a lot of research and I even followed a 1 hour booster session about StreamYard.
For me the best moment to follow a training is when I have already played around with the tool. Having recorded already both as a guest and as a host, made me very aware about what I wanted to learn.
The technical part of recording, is very easy with StreamYard. I had managed that pretty good the first time. Only at that moment I wanted to use OBS to transition between the scenes.
What I learned this week, is that StreamYard can do what I wanted to do with OBS.
Yes OBS can do a lot more, yet for the limited things I wanted to do, the paid version of streamyard can help me. And Streamyard is better at recording my guests and synchronizing the sound and the video.
And so I paid for a month of StreamYard. I on purpose did not select the year version as I knew that I am still discovering tools, and I might discover more tools in the next months.

After trying for a few days, I realized that it would be very hard to use Davinci to manipulate the recorded video from Streamyard. I know it’s possible, yet I also know I don’t know the tool enough and I decided that as it’s the first video of the who is agile series, it’s OK for me to just record an introduction and glue that one to the recorded video as I recorded it.And that is what I did tonight. This means I finished the second recorded video (With Deepti Jain) and I scheduled it to be published by Youtube, on Friday at 9 am, local time.

At the same time I also uploaded the third video with Rebecca and that one will be published on Friday the 28 also at 9 am. (Brussels timezone)I’m writing this while I wait behind my computer to record the fourth video, this time with Rashina Hoda. As she is living in Melbourne Australia, I’m recording this In the middle of my night. That is a huge difference between the book version of this project where I could do my part of the publishing at an asyncrone moment from the person I was interviewing.