Second recording Who is agile

After the problems I had with lagging for the first recordings, I decided that for the second recording (with Deepti Jain) that was the next morning I would have a quick try to fix the lagging with recording over skype, yet if that was not quickly fixed for that second recording I would swap the recording technique.

1 lessons learned:
Never scheduled the first few recordings, directly after each other. I should have put some time in between to fix the (technical) problems I found.

Luckily I had some conversations the last weeks with agile friends who are regurly recording interviews on youtube.

Dave Farley from the Continuous Delivery youtube channel told me records himself with his own video camera and uses zoom to record the other person.
And then uses  DaVinci Resolve to align the recordings and highlight the person doing the talking. So in the night between my first two recordings I thought, if I can’t pull of Skype lagging problem, I can work like Dave works. When I got up in the morning, I realized that I did not know yet how Dave does his local recordings, so I could not do that.

2 lessons learned:
Even if I don’t plan to work a certain way, I should still ask for more information, so that I have a backup plan.

Luckily for me, I also had a conversation with Jimmy Janlén from Jimmy with agile. When we recorded my appearance on his channel to talk about Work Retrospectives , we used StreamYard for that recording. Later he told me that after the recording in StreamYard, he downloads them and edits them in Adobe Premiere Pro, to add the image, the questions etc. He is also using OBS Studio for recording the prologue and epilogue of the episodes.

By the time I had checked out StreamYard, it was already time to connect with Deepti.
I did some checks with her to fix Skype. I know that I understand what I need to do, yet it also felt time pressure. I decided that I would need more than just 10 minutes to get the OBS settings correct to fix the lagging problem between Skype and OBS. I did not want to do all of this checking with Deepti. I should first check that out locally. Hence we swapped to StreamYard.
3 lessons learned:
When I do a technical check-up as I did before the first interview with my daughter, I should have done a real recording. and not just a check-up if I could hear and see her.
And I need a metronome with a visual and an audible part so I can get that lagging fixed.
(And preferable a software one, so that for the next interviews, after I get good at fixing this, I can quickly set this up with all the people I’m going to record, as I expect this might be a different setting for each interview. )

The interview was going great, the first 5 questions are the same question as I used in the Who is agile book. I have to say, in a conversation, I find these questions even stronger than in writing. It’s great to feel that because with all the technical difficulties it could have been tempting to give up. Yet both recordings have convinced me that I need to push forward.

There are a few more interviews scheduled, yet some of my evenings in the next weeks I’m going to spend on:

– Editing the interview with Deepti in DaVinci Resolve
– Fixing the lag problem between Skype & OBS

– Exploring my options with the interview with Elisabeth.

Sounds like a year I’m going to learn a lot about video editing. I promised my daughter already that our next year video will be created using different video editing software.