First recordings for Who is agile done

Last night I did the first recording for Who is agile version edition. I have decided that I want to work out loud in how I’m doing this project. So let’s share how I did do my set-up for this first recording.

Local setup: OBS 
The idea is that this allows me to do the recording in one go and be able to publish the video without too much editing.

Communication Tool: Skype

Why a tool that has been around since 2003? The main reason is, it has an NDI output, that OBS can accept as an input. And zoom does not have this (yet) for normal zoom calls. Zoom only supports NDI out for Zoom Rooms.

I learned how to set it up from Cat Mulvihill’s video NDI setup for beginners & Cat Mulvihill video on add Guest to OBS

Switching between scenes: Streamdeck
I’m using the Streamdeck with 15 buttons to swap between the scenes during the recording.
I’m not sure where I learned it from, Andrew from Awall explains it in his ultimate streamdeck guide.

My first recording was with Elisabeth Hendrickson.
We used calendly to schedule our timing. (As I want to talk with people around the world, it’s great to have a tool that allows people to select their own time and it checks if I’m available in my own calendar. )  Calendly was originally configured with zoom, yet as I had Elisabeth in my skype contacts, I assumed we could easily swap. I was wrong. Turns out that Elisabeth had not used Skype in ages and no longer had access to that account. Luckily Elisabeth was oke to create a new account on the spot. It worked although Microsoft made it hard as their “prove that you are not a robot” was some strange thing with pictures of animals that she had to turn around until they are showing correct, and that took a while, yet she managed to figure it out.

After we got connected on Skype, I still had to tell OBS, what source to use for the video of Elisabeth. That was a few seconds of work.

The interview itself was great. Although I did forget some of the scenes I did set up. Mostly because I was either focussing on listening to Elisabeth or focussing on my own question.
Unfortunately, I did not test the audio-video lag. (yet Cat says in the video you should test it, and I ignored that.) and yes there is a big lag in the video.  So before I can send that video life, I need to figure out how to fix this. At this moment I’m looking at Davinci Resolve to fix this.

I was hoping to have Elisabeth as a first video live, yet it might take a little longer and I’m not going to wait setting the first video life, if I have another one ready earlier…