Who is agile video version

In 2010 I started a blog serie called who is agile. I made a lot of friends creating it, and I got to know other friends even better.  About a year later I turned it into an ebook on leanpub. And that one turned into a series of local country books. Where local teams are creating versions of these books with people from their country.
This year I will create a video edition of Who is agile.

Here are some of the decisions I took around this project.

  • I will blog publicly about everything I do
  • I want to talk to a diverse group of people
  • I will record the video as if they are streamed; without much editing

Why blog about everything I do?
Over the years I have learned that sharing what I do around community work, is helpful to others to learn about agile and habit. On top, by writing things down, I’m documenting it both for other people and myself. Writing forces me to think about my process and helps me in reviewing and adapting what I do.

Why do I want to reach a more diverse community?

When I created who is agile originally I planned to have 50% male and female in the interviews. Yet I did not actively work on that and I only ended up with 29% women. For my book Tips From The agile Trenches, I wanted to do better. And I reached 51% Women (with 89 people it’s impossible to reach 50%)  Yet both of these books were too Western: too many people from the USA and Western Europe. And almost completely white. That is bad. For this video edition, I am reaching out to the global community. I have already a more diverse list of 120 people, yet if you know of people I should contact, please let me know. 

Also, I want to make sure I interview all kinds of agile people:

  • developers
  • coaches
  • product owners
  • testers
  • great agilists that no one knows
  • famous agilists
  • ….

Why record as it’s streamed?

This is a community project that I’m doing in my own time, I want to focus on what brings the most value. For me, that means focussing on the interviews, not on editing. (Remember: our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of value…)
Why not just stream?
I believe in habits and continuous delivery. I want the videos to be delivered at regular intervals. As I will be interviewing people around the world, the recording will happen during all possible hours I’m not working. On top of that, posting at all these unregular hours is also not appreciated by the youtube algorithm. 

Thanks to tools like OBS, I hope I can record the interviews and still give some nice visualisation, without having to spend all my time on editing…

If after reading all of this, you are ready to watch the first interviews, you can already have a look at our family New Years video of 2021.
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