Personal tools

Many people have started to use tools for organising their life.
On this page I will collect these.

Personal Kanban tools

Tool name Tip Remarks
Trello Yves
A door/ Whiteboard + post it’s Rik D’huyvetters Doesn’t work remote
Kanbanize Yves
kanbantool Yves
KanbanFlow Yves
planview Yves More an enterprise tool


Time collecting

Tool name Tip Remarks
Toggl Rico
TimeInOrbit Konstantin
Clockify Pablo Domingo Also works for teams
Timeular Tim Schaeps Mini manual from Tim
DailyTimeTracking Niel Mouthaan An alternative to trackers using timers. It works by periodically asking what you are working on. This way you don’t have to toggle timers when you switch tasks.
Timesheet David Schmitt
Clockly Richard Riedel I’ve been using clockly to track the time of all my projects for a long time, and it’s helped me to increase my productivity. It is extremely simple to use and comes with a free trial period.
Excel Allan Kelly I log the time in advance and timebox; retrospective estimation is as inaccurate as prospective estimation

Personal Calendars

Tool name Tip Comments
Google Calendar Yves Pro: Integrates well with phones and tools.
Con: your data belongs to google

Just like any list, this list is incomplete. Get in touch and I’ll add your favorite tool…