We wish you a free 2021…

Welcome in 2021.

What a year 2020 has been.

In our previous new year video, we wished everyone a healthy life. It turned out even more important than we thought.
We had our reasons to think about health. The father of one of my godchildren was fighting against cancer since August 2019.

Although Simon survived 2020, in December he heard that he is terminal.

And meanwhile we were all inside and wore a mask when we came out.
Even if we didn’t always like it, we followed the rules. (Even at moments it was not fully required)
We know very well that we are blessed with a large house and a large garden. Which means it’s a lot easier for us than many others.

Our family saw the effects of covid-19 when my parents-in-law have caught the virus in March, including a stay in the hospital. (And they feeling the effects longer than that.)

I also lost a colleague (non covid related).

There were also positive things in 2020
  • Just before the lockdown we added a wall between two children rooms.
  • Finally doors in our house.
  • When the hobbies and sport clubs fell away, the children worked on their physical condition from home.
  • By working from home, I paid more attention to my eating and sleeping habits.
  • We switched back to one car.
  • Joppe got his theoretical driving license and started studying at the University of Gent.
  • We doubled our number of solar panels.
  • The biggest change is in our video…
  • I changed clients during the first lockdown, including a remote interview.
  • Together with my friend Vasco Duarte, I launched: an audio addendum for my “tips from the agile trenches” book
  • After 10 years and 35 worldwide offline events, I facilitated two Online CoachRetreats (With Oana Juncu)
  • I launched the online community version of MetaCoaching and found partners to spread this worldwide.
  • I stopped as lead Coach CoderDojo in my hometown. Leaving the organisation in the hand of a great team.
  • I mostly worked while walking. In total for 7.5 million steps in 2020.
  • More than 10 friends and colleagues  bought a walking desk in 2020 (the highest number since I started with this since in 2012)
  • I found the ada talks, next to a concept of events with the focus on women in IT also -if you ask me- the best format for an evening event.
  • A new team taking over Who is agile South-Africa, to make a more diverse version.
  • Also the team behind Who is agile in Denmark, found new energy to continue working on a first version for 2021
  • The first contacts where made for a Who is agile in Nigeria book.
We hope just like you, we could get rid of covid-19 by the summer. (Although I’m afraid it will take the full year)
As Els works in a living group with people who are at risk, she will probably receive the vaccine in February.
For myself, and the children, it will be a lot later. And yes all of us, we will take the vaccin the moment we can.
I sincerely hope we can keep following the rules until we have beaten the virus.
Already for a few years, I see this new year’s letter as two directional communication, here are my question for this year:
  • What kept you going this year?
  • What where the good things in your life this year?
(I assume we all talk already so much about the negative parts this year, I’m ignoring this for now)
Positive reaching out for 2021