Books about technical excellence

I go to know agile as a developer, after I learned that “my smart/lazy” way of testing a screensaver was done before and was called unit testing. And I learned about extreme programming. At that moment both Scrum clearly said you needed technical excellence, and I remember talking about scrum in 2005/6 where they said, We don’t want to define what is technical excellence as XP does this already.

Yet it seems sometimes that the agile world has forgotten about technical excellence.
In this list I want to link you to resources that teach you technical excellence.
(resources being book, video’s, blogs)

Implementation Patterns

Book name Author Tip
Code Complete Steve McConnell One of these books I read multiple times, and learned every time something from it. Although even the second edition is already old, new developers still learn from it.
Extreme programmming explained Kent Beck & Cynthia Andres if possible buy version 1 & 2, as they are two different books and both have value.
Pair Programming Illuminated Laurie Willems & Robert Kessler
Pair Programming workshop Clare Sudbery & Yves Hanoulle
The Pragmatic Programmer Andrew Hunt & David Hunt
Extreme programming pocket Guide Chromatic
Writing Solid code Steve Maguire
Coder To Developer Mike Gunderloy
Object Thinking David West
Design Patterns Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John Vlissides
Head First Design Patterns Elisabeth Freeman & Kathy Sierra
Framework Design Guidelines Krysztof Cwalina & Brad Adams Sander Hoogendoorn
Domain Driven Design Evans
Domain Driven Design Distilled Vaugh Vernon
Refactoring Martin Fowler Liz Keogh
Refactoring databases Scott Ambler & Pramod Sadalage
Working Effectively with Legacy Code Michael Feathers Liz Keogh
Refactoring To Patterns Joshua Kierevsky
Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for smarties Joe Celko
97 things every programmer should know Kevlin Henney
Continuous Delivery Jez Humble & Dave Farley
Growing Object-Oriented Software Steve Freeman & Nat Pryce Liz Keogh
Test Driven Lasse Koskela
Pro Git Scott Chacon
Your Code as a Crime Scene Tornhill
Software Design X-Rays Tornhill
Release It! (Design and Deploy production Ready Software Michael T Nygard Marton Meza Meszaros
Ploeh Blog Christiaan Verwijs
The Stack Overflow blog Christiaan Verwijs
The Morning Brew Christiaan Verwijs
Testing on the toilet Google Before covid-19 I love to post their pdf’s on the toilets of clients.
Continuous Delivery vlog Dave Farley
Career advice for junior Software Developers Dave Farley
Test Automation University Angie Jones
Agile testing Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory
Implementing Automation Software Testing Elfriede Dustin
Behavior Driven Development blog Liz Keogh
Behavior Driven Development book Liz Keogh
Evolutionary Anatomy Of Test Automation Code George Dinwiddie April Jefferson
Becoming a technical Leader Jerry Weinberg Joep Schuurkes
Empathetic Technical Leadership Alex Harms April Jefferson
Bridging the gap (podcast) Coding Black Females Clare Sudbery
Computer Stuff They Didn’t Teach You Scott Hanselman
Test Driven Development: By Example Kent Beck Luca Minudel
Making Software (What really works, and why we believe it.) Anyd Oram Luca Minudel
Facts and fallacies of Software Engineering Robert Glass Luca Minudel
Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture Martin Fowler Luca Minudel
The mikado Method Ola Ellnestam & Daniel Brolund Luca Minudel
The Coding Dojo Handbook Emily Bache Luca Minudel
Object Design, Roles, Responsibilities and Collaborations Rebecca Wirfs-Brock Stephan Eggermont
Kent Beck Michael (Geepaw) Hill
Understanding the Four Rules of Simple Design Cory Haines Michael (Geepaw) Hill
The worlds best introduction to TDD JB Rainsberger Michael (Geepaw) Hill
his site James Shore Michael (Geepaw) Hill
Anything she writes/creates Angie Jones Michael (Geepaw) Hill
Life coding: // Ted Young Michael (Geepaw) Hill
His site Michael (Geepaw) Hill
xUnit Test Patterns Gerard Meszaros Ted Young
Living Documentation Cyrille Martraire Romeu Moura

Full transparency: most links on these list use amazon affiliates links.

At the bottom of my own bookpage, you can find all the bookslists I have gathered since 2010.