Creating an inclusive world

For me the last years made it very visible for everyone that we live in a structural racist world, that puts non-white people at a disadvantage.
yes, I had non-white friends my whole life, with some of which I witnessed and discussed the racism they encountered.
Yet I’m also very much aware that I was still living a very lucky and privileged life.
Although we were not what is considered rich and we did not get everything we wanted as children. As both of my parents worked, owned a house, had two cars, went yearly on holiday, we were indeed completely not poor, not to say richer than most people in the world. Probably more than most people in our country, and yet I remember many worries about money when I was young.
By consequence the mantra: work hard and you will get what you want, sounds logical.
And thus, coming from that background, I had no idea what messages our society gives to people who are not a white men.

It’s only when I lived myself 3 years from welfare, that I understood a lot better what poor must be. And still I was surrounded by people who had money and so I was not really poor. even if I had regularly days I could not afford food, yet most days I had food or friends with food. When I heard others talk about poor people, I understood that if you never had been poor, there is no way you can understand what it’s like. I don’t think most of my friends, my parents, my sister, brother, my partner or children have any idea how I had to live to survive.
I realised that it’s the same for being a women or being black. As a white men, I will never understand. And yet it consider it my responsibility to become better educated, and always realize, I will never full grasp it.

Over the years I have read some books on the discrimination of women and books on racisms. yet that was occasionally.
When the black life matters movement got again traction in 2020, I wanted to take my education on racisms at a higher level. Supporting BLM, without understanding the effects of our racists society, does not help anyone.
That’s why I bought myself a bunch of books on racism ( & sexism) I started to read (or listen to) one of these books every month.


Blind and visually impaired people



I want to add a collect a list of books on understanding poverty.

If you are non-white and you can advise me other great books, please let me know.

If you want to find more resources, go check:

White Guyde To The Galaxy

Save the Tears: White Woman’s Guide


At the bottom of my own bookpage, you can find all the bookslists I have gathered since 2010.
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