Why I am giving away PairCoaching.net

Some years ago, I started PairCoaching.net

  1. I wanted to make publicity for coaching in pairs
  2. I wanted to make publicity for workshops done in pairs
  3. making publicity for the brand “Yves Hanoulle”

Since 2007, I have distributed  more then 5.000 coffee mugs and probably +1.000 t-shirts.


I think that it’s fair to say I succeeded in 1. A lot more people are considering pairing and the ones doing this before me, start to use the name PairCoaching.
Read the update I added on the PairCoaching video, to know who invented the term)

All using the same name, helps in selling the idea.
At ALE13, I explained I sponsored the t-shirts, because I wanted to promote 1. It was not about promoting the website with 2. (There are actually no workshops on the website at this moment. )

Figuring out if  I succeed in 2 is a lot harder. In a sense yes, I lived for a few years from those workshops. I still have requests based on the workshop on the website even if I don’t do any publicity for it. yet, my idea was to have lots of workshops and people on the website, with the only requirement, that the workshops were done in pair.

(Today I would add and using some training from the back of the room techniques.) If you look at the website, yes it contains lots of people, yet, the only person actively using it is me. Some years back I had some talks with JB, Johanna, Lisa and David (and others) about working together, yet I never fully went for it.

And I know why; although I’m pretty good at selling, I hate it. I could hire an admin to to all the boring stuff, still my business would be around organizing training. That would remove time from working with teams. These days I prefer to work with partners that organize the training and I create and deliver the training. On top of that, when I have an idea to get some great international person to Belgium, I drop a hint to my friends of co-learning, iLean etc, and they do everything. I don’t earn any money on this, yet they are much better at this, and we get all these great trainers to Belgium, which is more important to me.

I think with 3 the paircoaching website helped, but since 2010 years, my main website is htpp://www.hanoulle.be

Add to this that at events like AgileCoachCamps, Ale 2011/12/13 and CoachRetreat’s people ask me if there is a place to discuss paircoaching. So far my answer was: No not really.
After a lot of doubting, I’m ready to give away the paircoaching.net domain and have it used by the community for:

  • explaining paircoaching
  • discussing about how paircoaching can help you
  • give tips on how to sell paircoaching
  • maybe even some kind of public training offering (based on public services like f ex  eventbridge) (not just my events but from people around the world) >> to be discussed by the community
I will keep sponsering the T-shirts, and coffee mugs, making twitter publicity, yet I don’t have the time to work on the website.
If you are interested in helping out, leave me a message. If you think I am completely stupid to give away something I created say it as well.
If I talked to you about this the last years, I hope you understand, it took a while to take this decision. If you advised me against doing this (Yes, Johanna I’m looking at you. I hope you understand that for me doing well is more important then being business savy, …)

PS I don’t know if I had 50 coffees over the last 2 years, it sure feels like it…