Agile Thursday Quiz: PairProgramming

Another Thursday that we have an ATQ. This time written by Sallyann Freudenberg. Some years ago, Sallyann has done reasearch around PairProgramming. Recently she started to reblog her research.
As a kind of publicity for her blog, I asked her, if she wanted to create an ATQ about PrairProgramming.
I hope you enjoy it, please write your answer in the comments.

1. Which of the following has Pair Programming as a core practice?

A) Scrum
B) Extreme Programming
C) Kanban
E) Crystal Clear

2. When pair programming, the most regularly used names to distinguishing which person is currently typing are: 

A) Parent and child
B) Master and Servant
C) Driver and Navigator
D) Coder and Designer
E) Teacher and Student

3. In Jim Coplien and Neil Harrison’s book “Organisational Patterns”, pair programming is referred to as:

A) Coding in Tandem
B) Delivering as a Duo
C) Developing in Pairs
D) Coding in Couples
E) Working in Twos


4. Pair programming has not been shown to have a helpful effect on:

A) The quality of delivered features.
B) The amount of effort (man-hours) it takes to develop a feature.
C) Knowledge-sharing.
D) Peripheral awareness via overhearing.
E) Problem-solving.