An hour for an hour: my coaching offer

When a client hires me to help their team or company, I do a lot of one on one coaching.
Coaching of developers, VP’s, testers, CEO’s, scrum master, CIO’s, Product Owners, coaches, teammembers etc…

Lately I started also doing coaching of individuals, outside of team or company work.
F ex: A small yet growing company, with no experience with teamleads or managers, asked me if I wanted to help, 2 of their long term employees in growing in such a new job.
Next to that, I also started to coach a few people I met at conferences.

I received quite a few requests from lovely people from other parts of the world. People whose timezones make it actually easy for me to help them.
yet the difference in currencies, make it harder. I either ask them something that is a fortune for them, or they pay me so little I can’t even buy a bread for an hour work.

After I have been struggling with that for a while (ok, I admit, too long) I asked for help to one of my coaches. (In this case Johanna Rothman)
Without missing a beat, she said: Yves, not everything is about money.
What else could you ask?
We talked for an hour, bouncing back idea’s. I’m not sure who came up with the original idea, (which is for me a sign of  good coaching.) yet I decided to offer now
an hour for an hour.

I coach a person an hour and in return I ask that person to help me with something else I would do myself.

Yves, what does kind of work do you talk about? That really depends on the skills of the person that contacts me.

That coaching talk was exactly one month ago, and in less then one week I found my first client that pays me this way. That’s the power of coaching and why I waited to long.
Oh well, I’m not perfect and I’m happy I did the coaching.

After posting, I got some reactions on twitter on how to subscribe.
Please add a comment and I’ll contact you.
While you wait on me, please think what you can offer in return.
If you don’t want to do this public: ask me by mail, skype (YvesHanoulle) , or DM me in twitter.


On Tuesday 2 July 2013, the manual of our leadership game, was released as leanpub book, as a result of “an hour for an hour coaching” I did with Meike Mertsch. You can download this free book at leanpub
So now, the community has advantages of my coaching.