Agile Thursday Quiz, Monday Answers: Burnup charts

Last week I published the Agile Thursday Quiz about BurnupCharts.
Here are the answers from Pawel Brodzinski. (who created these questions.)

Looking at a burn-up chart one can say:

Looking at a burn-up chart one can’t say:

On a burn-up chart you measure amount of work on a vertical axis. What measure you can use?


What is a difference between a burn-up and a burn-down chart?


Yes, Pawel decided to pull a trick on you,  as all of the answers are correct.
Most of answers can be found in his post about burn-up charts: and the rest is stuff that is true for both burn-ups and burn-downs.

More links about BurnUp Charts:

This last reference can be used as a reference to the questions, may render some of the answers for the last question false. Pawel used as a reference the classic version of burn-down charts.In fact, this may be the biggest lesson: how can you improve your burn-downs.


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