7 books with stories about innovative company structures

With agile going mainstream more and more entrepreneurs, are looking for new ways to organize their company.
When a company goes agile, it has an impact on the company culture.
Some of the smart managers I coach, ask me:

  • what’s next?
  • where can I look for examples of companies that don’t work the traditional way?

This is a list of books & documents about companies that are working in a less traditional way.

Although not a book (yet), the most amazing company I know is /UT7. Read the /UT7 story at Infoq

Another blogpost about how Buffer works as a Distributed company

If you are not in a mood for reading, you might want to watch this video about how open source projects survive poisonous people

Scott Berkun also wrote an interesting book about the year he worked at WordPress
The Year Without Pants: WordPress.com and the Future of Work

Update 2:
In the year 2014 I decided,  I would like to join companies with creative (aka non standard structures or ways of working) and help them for a week or so. (If they work distributed maybe even longer). If you think your companies is one of these, please let me know.

Update 3:


Yves lots of people don’t have the time to read these books. True, will you give me links to articles about these and other companies in the comments?