Personal Retrospective project: #FridayLessonsLearned

On the 1ste of January 2010, I started the twitter account @Retroflection. Already 1179 days in a row, this twitter account tweets a something to think about.
Although I started that alone, quickly people asked me if they could join. At this moment , we have 53 people who collaborate in it.
Recently this project resulted in a website, that can give you random things to think about.

A few weeks ago, inspired by this small success, I looked how I could go a step further. On my train home, I asked myself,  what I have learned today/this week.
I called it #FridaysLessonsLearned

I hope the name (twitter tag) says it all.

Yes every Friday, I will stand still and think: what have I learned this week?

These are my lessons:

15 March: I (re) learned to ask more question in person ( and not in mail).
23 March: I need to CheckOut faster and Pass more
29 March: Discussing to convince someone that I am listening to him , is proving I am not.

Yesterday Cesario Ramos & Gitte Klitgaard joined me.

Will you join me next Friday?