The art of asking: Amanda Palmer


This TED video is very interesting as she talks about her trust and how it helped her in her life. It was interesting to hear talk about a job that gave predictable income, yet is not seen as a real job. A wonderful story.

About a failure of 25.000 sales, that inspired her to ask for money and went for crowdfunding.

  • Asking makes you vulnerable
  • crowdsourcing vs couchsurfing
  • muscians are connectors and openers.
  • the internet are talking us back
  • How do we let people for music …


>After seeing this, I set again the minimum price of our who is agile book to 0.
>Let’s see what happen.
I thought some more and realized that is not what Amanda was saying. I’m actually already giving the full content of Who is agile away on my blog (just as she does) By selling the book at another channel, I ask people who like it, to support it and who want a more convenient way to read it, the possibility. I set  the price now to 4.99, which is the most common price people paid for it.