Who is Martin Alaimo? (@martinalaimo)

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What is something people usually don’t know about you but has influenced you in who you are?

Back in the ’90s when I finished my high school I wanted to be an airplane pilot, but for some reason I still don’t know, I studied Architecture at the university. After five years of architecture, with an average score of 8.7, I found myself getting bored. I decided to drop it and start Information Systems Analysis, which looked like the biggest challenge for me. I graduated from the university and specialized in Agile Development. A few years later I studied and graduated as a private airplane pilot.

Architecture gave me a lot of experience in the building industry and helped me incorporate a lot of design concepts while being a pilot helped me taste the feeling of freedom and happiness that I would like all knowledge workers to feel in their own jobs.

If you had not been in IT, what would have become of you?

I would have been either an architect or a commercial pilot.

What is your biggest challenge and why is it a good thing for you?

I’m currently going through a deep dive training and personal transformation to become a life and organizational coach. My biggest challenge right now for me is to jump over, not only the fence that takes me out of my comfort zone, but also the fence that is right at the end of my un-comfort zone, where my horror zone starts.

What drives you ?

I’m convinced that the world of work can be changed, I’m convinced that it actually need to be changed. But my feeling is that agile is not enough. There’s a lot of work in people relations area that has to be done – and in a lot of industries other than software. Only when people build better relationships between themselves and within themselves will we be able to say that we might produce deep changes in the way people work, turning their work into more fun-and-committed, happy-and-professional environments that would produce astonishing results.

What is your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement was to get married with the most lovely woman in earth, Daniela, my wife. My second biggest achievement was to fund Kleer, a participatory and open-minded Agile Training and Coaching company.

What is the last book you have read?

The last book I’ve read is The tree of knowledge: biological roots of human understanding. by Humberto Maturana.

What question do you think I should also ask and what is the answer?

I would like you to ask “How would you take agility out of the software industry?” That is a great question, thanks for asking me. 🙂 Well, as I said before, everything is about human relations. I truly think that the results that the teams produce is directly linked to the relationships among the team members (individuals and interactions). Bad relations, bad results; great relations, great results. In order to move agility out of the software industry I’m helping as many people as possible to build solid and respectful relationships with themselves and others. Having solid relationships helps teams embrace change, fail fast, trust each other, respect commitments and share success.

Whom do you think I should ask next?

I think you should ask Juan Gabardini.

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