Who is agile, version 3

On 20 June 2011, I published a set of questions that I used as the start of the blog serie:
who is . Very quickly I received to much answers, and the success led to waste.

At January 2012 I created a book from the serie: Who is agile
The book allowed me to publish the stories faster. As a big bonus, the book, helped me to create a community around it.

When Marcin added the google maps, I realized that we had NO country diversity. So we scaled the book up to 89 people.

Who is agile volume, is now +/- 300 pages. That is a big book.
Personally I think to big to be atract a big audience. Let’s make it clear, I love the book. I love every single answer in there. Yet I know, it makes people afraid.

We have more then 200 people in our backlog.
Big names or unknow people, that everyone should know.

What should we do to release their stories asap?

Aha, what can we do instead of scaling up? We can also scaling out.
What would scaling out be for who is agile?

Today I am proud to announce that we will create local country versions of who is agile.

This means we are looking for people who liked the idea of who is agile, and who want to help create a version for their country.
If you consider Who is agile an open source book (like I do) you can consider this a fork.