Quality control Who is agile

Last week we published version 43 of the book Who is agile, Volume 1 (Yes Volume 1 as we have decided to create also a volume 2)

With version 43, we added Peter Armstrong as 89 person to the book.  That is the last person we add to Volume 1.

From now on, we have a quality control phase. (Wow, how un-agile of us…) What would Lisa  or Elisabeth say of this? 😉 )

these are the different steps we have to do for each person in the book:

  1. Spelling and grammar
  2. Are the  links to person you mention that are  in the book, are these internal book links working?
  3. Are the books you mention in the book list?
  4. Are your links you provided in the contact list?
  5. Is your question in the question list?
  6. is there anything you are missing in the book?
  7. is your location on the map correct?
  8. Update: is your location mentioned at the bottom of your answers?
  9. Update: Does  your location (mentioned at the bottom of your answers) have a correct wikipedia links?
    (You might want to download the latest version of the book for 9 as we only added the links on 2012/10/30)
    As you can see, doing this for 89 people and +20 community events is a lot of work. That is why we are sending out mails to everyone in the book to help us.

    Will you help us too?
    If you send us info, please add the version of the book you  have been reviewing.