Agile marriage

A few months ago, Els asked me -after being together for 16 years- to marry her.

So this WE we are getting married.

Because most of my friends live in agile land across the globe (and we are not giving a mega party), I looked for a way to give something back to this community that supported me so much the last years.

This WE, you can buy our “who is agile” book at half the price.

If you use the coupon AgileMarriage, you can buy it for 2.99 instead of 5.49.

The book now contains 65 people. We will continue till the fibonacci nr 89.

It’s an agile book, so when you buy the e-book this WE, you will receive FREE updates untill 89 people.

For the last 19 weeks, we have been publishing an update weekly.

To make it easy, I define WE from 25/05/2012 till 28/05/2012.

Yves & Els