The Agile Thursday Quiz: the agile manifesto

For todays ATQ I did not receive any quiz about agile. One of the things I do as a coach (I did not learn it from Lyssa Adkins but she made me aware of it.) is when a teams is stuck, I ask them to go back to  the agile manifesto. Read the first page and read principle page and see if we can find an answer in there for our problems.

So I thought why don’t I do the same thing for my problem here. Why don’t I open the mainfesto and see if I see a sentence about which I can create 4 questions.
I looked. And I saw 4 statements.

Do I(we) really know the statements that well?  Try to select the right 4 sentences without going back to the manifesto.

  • Statement 1:

1) Individuals and processes over interactions and tools
2) Interactions and processes over individuals and tools
3) Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
4) Individuals and tools over processes and interactions
5) Processes and tools over individuals and interactions
6) Interactions and tools over individuals and processes

  • Statement 2:

1) Working software with lots of documentation
2) Working software over comprehensive documentation
3) Working software with as little documentation as possible
4) Working software without documentation
5) Well-crafted software over comprehensive documentation
6) Well-crafted software over working software

  • Statement 3:

1) Productive partnerships over customer collaboration
2) customer collaboration over contract negotiation
3) Productive partnerships over contract negotiation
4) customer partnerships over contract collaboration
5) customer partnerships over contract negotiation
6) Productive contracts over negotiation collaboration

  • Statement 4:

1) Creating a plan over following a plan
2) Following a plan over constant changes
3) Responding to change over following a plan
4) Steadily adding value over responding to change
5) Responsive changes over perfect plans
6) Planning for changes over following responsivenes