Agile Thursday Quiz: Visual Management

This weeks ATQ is coming from my friend Xavier Quesada. I thought I understood Visual Management, and then I started working with Xavier.


1) What is Visual Management about?

A. Drawings and pictures

B. Mind maps

C. Work and workflows

D. Arrows, boxes, and other shapes

E. Signs and signals

F. Graphs and charts


2) What are the benefits of Visual Management?

A. Creates transparency and trust

B. Spawns higher quality work

C. Enables command and control

D. Exposes lazy and useless people

E. Enables people to decide what they have to do next

F. Exposes projects behind schedule

3) Which of these are desirable attributes of your taskboard?

A. It should be clear and simple

B. It should be as big as possible

C. It should be in a public space

D. It should be comprehensible by random people

E. It should be clean and tidy

F. It should capture and show as much information as possible

4) What are the drawbacks of Visual Management?

A. It kills trees

B. It does not work well with distributed teams

C. It works well only in startups and small organizations

D. It cannot be used by the blind

E. Traditional management doesn’t like it

F. It is not suitable for highly regulated environments