Who Is J.B. Rainsberger

The last WhoIs of this year, is from my friend JB Rainsberger. JB was invited by Dale Emery, Elisabeth Hendrickson and Linda Rising (coming up as first next year).
I met JB at the first edition of XPDay Paris. Met is a big word here as I do remember him being in our session room as an observer, but not participating.
It’s only later that I learned who he was, when we interacted on the multiple online fora. First time he really impressed me, was when he started talking about how he used agile to retire at 35. He recently gave an interesting talk about extreme personal finance at Xpday Benelux. A part of that session can be found on his blog: how much do you earn. If someone says it can’t be done, check JB he has probably already done it. His actions speak louder then anyone’s words.

Just like Laurent Bossavit,  JB created a “video”.   It’s is one of the most intimate and personal answers in the series so far.

Who is J. B. Rainsberger? from J. B. Rainsberger on Vimeo.