We wish you an energetic 2012


We wish you a great X-MAS and an energetic 2012.

(The picture below is a video click it too launch it)

5 years ago we had lots of trouble selecting a picture that we would use as a X-MAS card. Selecting one picture out of a few thousand was impossible for us.
We decided to turn this problem into a solution and our first video was born.

This year, we have taken 3.500 pictures. Out of these we selected 221. From these only 65 survived the making of the video. For us, 65 pictures is nothing to summarize our year.

For you, we hope it gives a small impression of our live in 2011.
Update: As we released this video on the 22 December, we missed an important event of our year.

Yves would like to send some special thanks to everyone who helped with the different projects he started over the years.

A special thanks to Lisa Crispin who has supported all my initiatives.

With this video, I hope you now know where my energy comes from.

Also a thanks to the people who indirectly helped creating this video:

PS: all of these project would love to welcome new volunteers

Update: With risk to spoil some of the magic, we selected this song because Bent school selected this song to sing at his first communion. (Which happened this year)
See here a link that inspired our school