Agile Thursday Quiz: about the Core Protocols

At XpDays Benelux, we used some Core Protocols like the perfection game, click, click rewind. The Core Protocols are seen by some as the future of agile and by others as the for-fathers of agile. Although maybe technically they are not part of the agile movement, I know lots of agilist, who love to use them to enhance teams. When last week so many people learned about the power of the core at XPDays, I thought it could be a good idea to have this weeks Agile Thursday Quiz about the Core Protocols.

That is why Vickie Gray, who was one of my trainers in The Core Protocols, and author of Creating Time an upcoming book about the core protocols, created questions about the Core Protocols. Here are her questions.

1. What are the two main steps you MUST take if you Check Out?
a. Say “I’m checking out” and then physically leave the group.
b. Say nothing and then physically leave the group.
c. Say “I’m checking out” and tell everyone why.
d. Say “I’m checking out” and either stay or leave – it’s your choice.
e. Say “I’m checking out” and put your earphones on to listen to some music to relax.
f. Say nothing and stay in the group but just don’t participate in anything – saying something about being checked out would just distract the group.

2. What is the first of the Core Commitments?
a. I will speak always and only when I believe it will improve the general results/effort ratio.
b. I will use teams, especially when undertaking difficult tasks.
c. I commit to engage when present.
d. I will offer and accept only rational, results-oriented behavior.
e. I will never do anything dumb on purpose.
f. I will disengage from less productive situations.

3. What is the one protocol that you cannot Pass on?
a. Check In
b. Personal Alignment
c. Perfection Game
d. Decider
e. Ask for Help
f. Investigate

4. Which of the following statements is TRUE of the Ask For Help Protocol?
a. The best time to Ask For Help is when things are going well.
b. You shouldn’t Ask For Help from someone who is busy.
c. You should only ask for help from someone you know has the answer.
d. If you get asked for help it’s important to be polite and give whatever help the asker needs even if you don’t want to help.
e. Never leave the team to Ask For Help when the team is really busy and time is running out.
f. You should always withhold help from someone who asks a lot because they’re probably just being lazy.