Agile Thursday Quiz, Monday Answers: Scrum Of Scrums

Last week I published an Agile Thursday Quiz about Scrum of Scrums
Here are my answers:

What is the purpose of a Scrum Of Scrums
A, B, C, F
Allows clusters of teams to discuss their work
Informing other teams what slowing your team down
Informing other teams about team decisions
Inform other teams when you will be put something in their way

A: I see A also as a correct answer as it’s usually one of the only places were teams interact. Yes if the discussion takes to long it should be taken offline and be discussed in another meeting. (This is why multiple choice is bad for agile quizes..)

F: That last sentence has confused lots of people. Yes it is said in a negative way. Hopefully you will inform another team also when your team does something that unblock them. But when you would block hem, it’s important to let them know ASAP.


Who attends the Scrum Of Scrums
Preferable D (at worst C)
One designated person of every team
A rotating role within every team

Everyone else is free to follow; Yes usually Scrummasters and ProductOwner follow a SoS, yet, it’s not intented for them.
Communities of Practise might be other places for likewise people to meet.


Links about SoS
Boris Gloger has 3 secrets for a good Scrum of Scrum
Xavier Quesada has tips to make the Scrum of Scrum info visual
Mike Cohn has some advice on how to conduct the Scrum of Scrum

What is for you the purpose of a standup:

B,C, E
Inform your co-workers what you are working on
Ask for help when you are stuck
Know what your co-workers are working on

Taking decisions could be part if you do it quickly.
It is a place where you can discover that a decision should be taken. (That is not the same)
>> In that sense you could say that my answer is different from that of the SoS.
(Which is OK for me, I don’ think one size fit’s all answers are healthy)

Links Daily Standup:
Wikipedia on Stand-ups
Martin Fowler on why it’s not just about standing up
Mike Cohn on the Daily Scrum

What is the role of a ScrumMaster

B, D, E
Teaches the teams about agile (scrum)
Removes impediments for the team
Facilitates meetings

Links Role Scrummaster

Role of the Scrummaster
7 responsibilities of the Scrummaster
John Hill wrote about the empowerment of the team by the Scrummaster