Agile 2011 Booklist

Last year at Agile 2011 I walked around and created a booklist together with lots of people. Although this year I decided not to go to the conference, I still want to create a similar list. Last year I had 2 rules:

  • Only one book
  • It can’t be on the list already

This year I add a third one:

Last year their was an implicit rule:

  • You had to be at Agile 2010 to be on the list. (As I walked around)

This year I’m changing that rule to

  • You can only recommend a book until the end of Agile 2011. Meaning you don’t have to be present at Agile 2011 to recommended a book.

I will be building this list online, so you can see it grow. If you want to add a book, just tweet it to me. Here is the list:

Here is the Cover list

If this is not enough, check out Jurgen’s Top 100 list of Agile books based on sales.