I want to run an agile project…

I’ll do an improvement game on the video:

What I like about it:

  • It shows a lot of the problems you encounter when going agile
  • It shows how you can tackle most of these problems
  • The person manages to release a first version of the project in two weeks (or so it seems)
  • Luke is as persistant as the other people in the company
  • It shows the typically reactions of people that don’t understand agile

To get a 10 what I would like to see

  • The goal would not be to do an agile project
  • The remark of “this is not what I wanted” is accepted and celebrated (knowing that after 2 weeks is gold)
  • the video has more respect for the people who don’t understand agile yet
  • Luke helps the team by asking questions instead of forcing them to pair